Occupational Health & Safety

"Quality of Life of each human associated with NISH permanently or temporary is my responsibility"
- Mr. Niraj Desai (Managing Director)

NISH is committed to the vision of serving its interested parties namely customers, vendors and it's human force.

Every human life quality is of at most important at NISH and its human force is subject to hazard of occupational health as well as safety.

NISH has therefore established an OH&S Policy with Safety Manual with identification of legal requirements & register but not limiting it there. NISH has designed its work execution system at on-site and off-site in a responsible manner to ensure health and safety to the maximum possible standard. The Safety Committee works directly under the guidance of the Managing Director as prescribed by international standards.

The safety committee is cautiously and continuously monitoring safety at all sites as well as off-site. TEAM NISH works towards institutionalizing a culture of occupational health and safety across the organization.

All our operational sites where safety hazard is high has dedicated OH&S (Occupational health and safety) teams led by senior executives who are responsible for safety reporting, training and compliance and at offsite NISH conducts regular programs to deal with occupational health and fitness.

OH&S 45001:2018



Occupational Health and Safety Policy

NTPPL-OHS-30 Supplier Commitment

Transporter's Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety